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TransGard helps prevent snake damage

Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC), a generation and transmission cooperative with more than 400 substations in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and Kansas, had been plagued for…

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Case Study: Duke Energy

Reliability: “An investment well worth making”

Duke Energy supplies and delivers energy to approximately 4 million customers via 1,400 distribution stations across five states, making it one of the largest electric power…

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Duke Energy Substation

Case Study: Rochester Gas & Electric

Savings in the “hundreds of thousands”

New York State’s Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) operates some 165 substations and provides electricity to 362,000 residents and businesses across six counties in upstate New York.

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Animal Deterrent System

Case Study: Mishawaka Utilities

Customized design ― total elimination of outages

Mishawaka Utilities electric distribution system is the second largest municipal utility in the state of Indiana, providing service to a population of 46,557. The utility operates 11…

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Prevent Animal Power Outages

Case Study: Ameren

Zero outages across 200+ substations

Ameren is the largest electric utility in Missouri and the second largest electric utility in Illinois, servicing approximately 2.4 million customers across both states. The company…

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Animal Deterrent System

Proven Prevention of Animal Caused Outages

Every year, animals cause hundreds of substation power outages that leave thousands without power – and cost millions in repairs. Fortunately, there’s a proven solution: TransGard Systems.

For 20 years, TransGard fences have prevented power outages from squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and others, deploying a specially engineered substation fencing system that delivers a humane – but effective – electric shock to climbing animals.

Today, TransGard protects over 1,900 substations in the U.S. and Canada, offering critical benefits to utilities and their customers:

TransGard offers the only animal deterrent system with two decades of proven performance in the field. Learn more, or get a preliminary quote within 24 hours.

Latest News

TransGard Introduces New Control Center for Substation Fences

TransGard Systems announced it has developed a new Control Center for its substation fencing – the industry’s leading defense against outages caused by climbing animals. The upgrade helps ensure continuous functioning of the patented TransGard fence, which currently protects more than 2,000 substations.

The new Control Center offers enhanced