TransGard Systems Incorporated


Proven Prevention of Animal Caused Power Outages

Animal incursions – from squirrels, raccoons, snakes, domestic cats and other climbing animals – cause substation outages in urban, suburban and remote locations all across North America. Outages can lead to thousands of frustrated customers, damage to a power provider’s reputation, and unplanned expenses.

In fact, a single outage can involve tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, man-hours and other repair costs ― and with more substations employing sophisticated automation equipment, those costs are on the rise. The California Energy Commission estimates that wildlife-caused outages cost $31 million in service restoration costs every year – in California alone.

Patented system, proven track record

TransGard was created exclusively to solve the growing problem of animal incursions at substations. Developed by a team of engineers and scientists with 60 years of background in animal containment and exclusion, the TransGard System has undergone extensive research and field-testing. The result― significant advantages for substation operators:

  • The only substation enclosure that delivers a mild electric shock to animals – a safe, humane approach that protects wildlife and, according to an IEEE survey, provides the most effective barrier against animal incursion
  • A unique modular design that’s simple to install, effective in any setting, and offers ease of access for repairs
  • Prevents incursion from a wide range of species ― including squirrels, raccoons, opossums, cats, iguanas, frogs, snakes and other climbing animals ― and improves overall substation security
  • Helps deter copper thieves from entering the substation
  • Provides a 20-year track record of success, with nearly 2,000 installations currently in operation

Today, TransGard works with a wide array of public utilities, rural electric cooperatives and other substation operators. TransGard customers typically install fencing at multiple substation locations once they realize the system’s benefits. Read about our customer experiences “saving hundreds of thousands”, “eliminating all outages”, and “installing TransGard at more than 200 substations”.

A history of innovation and service

TransGard Systems was founded in upstate New York in 1990, in response to multiple animal-caused outages every year at substations operated by Rochester Gas & Electric. TransGard fences were designed, developed and enhanced through collaboration with utilities, and later patented. The company gradually added new products ― including snake protection panels and a non-electrified entry system ― in response to customer needs.

After years of steady growth, TransGard Systems moved to New Freedom, PA, in 2009 to take advantage of centralized distribution and the area’s manufacturing workforce. The move led to significant growth, leading TransGard to double its production area in 2011.