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News Release: Transgard partners with W.R. Daniel to cover three states

(6/8/16) -

TransGard, which has installed proven animal-prevention fencing at more than 2,500 substations in North America, announced today it has reached agreement with W.R. Daniel & Associates Inc., a leading manufacturers’ representative serving clients in the transmission, distribution, substation and generation segments. 

W.R. Daniel will offer TransGard’s patented substation fencing to utilities, cooperatives and other energy providers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.  


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News Release: Transgard announces complimentary site audits, expanded warranty

(4/28/16) -

TransGard announced today that it will provide complimentary substation Site Audits to any power provider in the United States. The substation Site Audit provides a detailed assessment of the outage threat caused by squirrels, raccoons, snakes and other climbing animals.

TransGard, which manufactures patented substation fencing that prevents animal incursion, has installed its systems at 2,500 substations operated by dozens of providers across North America. 

Bill Reichard, president of TransGard,...

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News Release: Record warm winter may boost animal populations — and substation outages

(3/30/16) - squirrel

(New Freedom, PA) — We just enjoyed the warmest winter in recent memory across much of the U.S. Unfortunately, those unseasonably mild temperatures carry a potentially dangerous consequence: a population explosion among animal species known to wreak havoc on the nation’s substations.  

TransGard, maker of patented substation fencing that prevents animal incursion, keeps close tabs on weather patterns and animal populations, said Bill Reichard, president of TransGard.


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Newly installed fencing protects Hanover substation against future outages

(2/5/16) - Raccoon

Last May, a raccoon wandered into a Hanover-area substation and wound up shutting down power to more than 5,000 customers and businesses. Now, a midstate company has installed an innovative product designed to make sure that never happens again.

TransGard has completed installation of its patented fencing at Met-Ed’s substation on Radio Road in Conewago Township. TransGard’s fencing — designed exclusively for substations — delivers a mild electric shock...

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Now available for download: TransGard Maintenance Guide

(2/4/16) - TransGard Maintenance Guide

One huge advantage of TransGard:  it’s engineered to last. TransGard fencing installs in hours, but protects a substation for years. Now, TransGard has created a Maintenance Guide that offers simple steps for keeping your substation protected. The guide offers the basics of routine annual maintenance, which can be performed in less than 30 minutes, and a refresher on removing and reconnecting panels. The TransGard Maintenance Guide is available for download here. Want...

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The Five Worst Substation Outages of 2015

(1/15/16) -

Squirrels, raccoons, snakes ...  How do such small animals continue to cause such huge (and costly) outages at substations, year in and year out? 

For the most part, it’s a lack of prevention. TransGard Systems, which has installed patented fencing at more than 2,500 substations, continuously tracks outages caused by animals. The 2015 Worst Substation Outages list includes dangerous, expensive events that underscore the importance of a sound strategy for deterring...

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Update: Transgard Systems partners with Energy Reps to cover four states

(1/12/16) -

TransGard Systems, which has installed proven animal-prevention fencing at more than 2,500 substations in North America, announced today it has reached agreement with Energy Reps, a professional sales organization based in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Energy Reps will offer TransGard’s patented substation fencing to utilities, cooperatives and other energy producers in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.  

TransGard Systems developed the only substation fencing that deters climbing...

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Claim denied: The high cost of substation outages

(12/22/15) -

A single substation outage can result in equipment and labor costs that total hundreds of thousands of dollars – not to mention lost business for commercial customers and inconvenience for homeowners. A recent case underscores how significant those costs can be — and reveals a new twist that should have us all thinking about safeguarding substations from animal entry.  

Last September, a squirrel caused significant damage to a city-owned substation in...

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Update: Year-to-date outage figures paint dismal picture

(10/12/15) -

At TransGard, we track nationwide media coverage of outages caused by climbing animals. To date, our 2015 tracking reveals some interesting – and troubling – trends regarding these outages: 

Widespread occurrences    

Every region in the U.S. reported problems. During the first half of 2015, at least 30 states had an animal-caused outage reported in the media. Of course many – or even most – outages caused by squirrels, snakes...

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Avoiding power outages caused by animals

(8/20/15) -

Read TransGard's article, "Avoiding power outages caused by animals," featured on Electric Light & Power's website here.

Utilities rely on their substations to last for decades. Unfortunately, a substation’s reliability can quickly be compromised by changes around a substation’s footprint: plants grow, wildlife populations change, and the topography surrounding a site can erode.

These completely natural changes can lead to a greater chance...

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Update: How big is the problem of animal outages?

(8/11/15) -

So, how many substations lose power each year because of animal incursions? At TransGard, we’d love to know the exact answer. In spite of our ongoing research into the scope of the problem, it’s difficult to gather precise statistics because utilities and other providers have different standards for tracking and reporting outages. 

Still, we get glimpses into just how massive this sometimes hidden problem may be. Recently,...

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Update: TransGard partners with Energy Reps to expand growth

(6/22/15) -

We’re happy to announce we’ve started a new partnership with professional sales organization Energy Reps, based in Ft. Worth, Texas. Energy Reps will offer TransGard’s patented substation fencing to utilities, cooperatives and other energy producers in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.   

The agreement will help TransGard provide animal-deterring substation fencing where it’s needed most. “With the sustained level of...

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Update: New video makes installation even easier!

(6/16/15) -

Did you know that a crew of three, with no special training, can complete a 300-foot TransGard enclosure in just four hours with basic tools? To help our customers assemble our patented fencing, TransGard has created a helpful video outlining the simple steps required to get your new system up and running. 

From planning and prepping your site to making electrical connections, our new video provides an easy-to-follow visual representation of...

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In their own words …  What power providers say after an outage

(4/20/15) -

If you want to know how substation operators feel about animal-caused outages, all you need to do is listen. Here are recent quotes from power officials – and how they reflect the realities facing our industry: 

"Sometimes they'll find their way into the smallest openings, sometimes they climb …. Animals are incredible, and how they get into places is beyond me."  — Josh Clendenen, Middle Tennessee Electric  


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The Five Worst Substation Outages of 2014

(1/26/15) -

Squirrels, raccoons, snakes ...  How do such small animals continue to cause such huge (and costly) outages at substations, year in and year out? 

For the most part, it’s a lack of prevention. At TransgGard Systems, we track outages across North America — outages that affect hundreds of thousands of customers and cost millions in repairs, man-hours, and lost business.

Each year, TransGard names the Five Worst...

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Did You Know: Four key benefits of being engineered for easy installation

(9/23/14) -

TransGard protects more than 2,500 North American substations – a number that grows every year. The fencing offers proven protection, but it’s also engineered for easy installation. Here are a few key advantages of the system’s design:

No down time  Other preventive measures require a substation to power down. Not TransGard. Substations remain in service during installation, saving time and hassle. 

No digging  The...

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TG Tip: Basic fall system review

(9/22/14) -

TransGard fencing is designed to work year-round, in the harshest environments. Autumn is the perfect time for a quick check-up and basic maintenance of your system. Steps:  

System review   On occasion, substation personnel may forget to energize the system after maintenance. Perform a visual inspection of the control panel. Your TransGard fence is functioning properly if the alert strobe shows a steady green light and the volt meter shows power....

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TransGard featured in Electricity Today

(9/1/14) - TransGard article in Electricity Today

TransGard Systems was the subject of a major feature, "Protecting Substations Against Animal Invaders," in Electricity Today, a national industry publication.

"Every year, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and other climbing animals cause substation outages across North America. According to a 2010 University of Minnesota study, the resulting estimated cost to electric utilities is between $15 million and $18 million per year. However, when commercial entities and consumer frustration are taken into consideration, the overall cost of...

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Update: Substation outages aren’t “cute”

(8/21/14) -

Each month, we review animal-related substation outages. All too often, they include some reference to a “furry troublemaker,” “frisky animal” or some other cutesy reference to the squirrel, raccoon or snake that caused the outage. While it’s tempting for utility spokesmen and news outlets to make light of an animal incursion to a substation, these events are far from a joke. Here are just a few of the...

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Update: Annual Blackout Tracker Report reveals increased outages across the U.S.

(7/15/14) -

Eaton, a global technology leader in power management solutions, recently released its Blackout Tracker Annual Report for 2013, which reviews yearly data from power outages across the United States. This year’s report included some interesting statistics on animal-caused outages and other key facts. Highlights:

In all, 3,236 outages were tabulated and used as the basis for the 2013 report, an increase of about 15 percent from the 2,808 outages covered in 2012. Electrical power outages, surges and...

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Raccoon-Caused Outages on the Rise At Substations Nationwide

(5/30/14) -

(New Freedom, Pennsylvania) — Substations across the U.S. are under attack from an unexpected culprit:  the raccoon. Recent raccoon-related outages have plagued both urban and rural substations, cutting power to thousands of residences and businesses. In fact, dozens of substation outages every year can be attributed to raccoons climbing onto equipment. Consumers Energy reports that 21% of its wildlife-related outages are caused by raccoons.

TransGard Systems studied raccoon behavior when it...

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Update: IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition Recap

(5/8/14) -

TransGard in the news  

Electric Energy Online ran a pre-show article on our new Control Center, which features a digital volt meter. TransGard used our IEEE booth to introduce the new equipment to the industry and to show existing customers how the new Control Center works. Take a look at Electric Energy’s article on “the industry’s leading defense against outages caused by climbing animals.” <...

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TransGard Introduces New Control Center for Substation Fences

(4/1/14) - Control Center

TransGard Systems announced it has developed a new Control Center for its substation fencing – the industry’s leading defense against outages caused by climbing animals. The upgrade helps ensure continuous functioning of the patented TransGard fence, which currently protects more than 2,000 substations.

The new Control Center offers enhanced features that will be standard on all new fences: 

Digital Volt Meter   The new digital...

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TransGard in the News: “Ameren Illinois to strengthen energy delivery network”

(2/24/14) -

Ameren touted the installation of TransGard fencing at substations in Illinois in a report that appeared in the NewsTribune, a regional newspaper.

The company said the move was part of its effort to upgrade the reliability and performance of its energy delivery system. “Implementing new technology to improve service reliability is a central component of our 10-year plan to upgrade the grid,” said Chad Cloninger of Ameren Illinois. 

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The Five Worst Animal-Caused Substation Outages of 2013

(1/24/14) -

(New Freedom, Pa.) — Each year, climbing animals that find their way into U.S. substations cause power outages that affect hundreds of thousands of customers and cost millions in repairs, man-hours, and lost business. The TransGard team, which has installed its patented animal-prevention fencing at more than 2,000 substations, selected this year’s list from among hundreds of outages that plagued every region of the country. 

Squirrels still top...

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TransGard featured in Transmission & Distribution World article, “Co-op Solves Snake Issue”

(11/18/13) -

The November issue of T&D World Magazine features an article outlining just how big of a problem snakes inside substations have become for electric utilities, and how one co-op solved their snake issue by installing TransGard fencing.

Here are a few excerpts from the piece:

- Each year, bull snakes by the dozens were slithering into Western Farmers Electric Cooperative’s (WFEC) substations from April to July....

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Update: New York Times reports on epidemic of squirrel-caused outages

(9/27/13) -

Finally – major mainstream coverage of the squirrel threat to substations. The New York Times ran an informative (and humorous) piece by Jon Mooallem, who delves deeply into the scope and cause of squirrel-caused outages. Mooallem expands on what we know about power outages caused by squirrels (he refers to them as “P.O.C.B.S.”), describing the gravity of the problem. Some highlights:

It’s been a...

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Update: How TransGard used squirrel instinct to prevent substation invasion

(8/22/13) -

Squirrels have been infiltrating substations for years. They seek warmth or food, but sometimes wind up causing an expensive outage.

When TransGard Systems invented our substation fencing, we took time to understand squirrel behavior and instinct. The result: a system that successfully repels a pesky species at more than 2,000 North American substations. 

Here’s what we know: squirrels have a habitat that can stretch across acres. They also...

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Update: Snake-caused power outages on the rise

(7/16/13) -

According to, snakes are the second leading cause of substation outages. Snakes are great climbers and can get into very small openings, so unless substations are equipped with specialized fencing, they can become vulnerable to snake-caused power outages.

Some examples that occurred over the past month: 

On July 9th in Greenville, NC, a snake got in between an insulator causing it to blow, resulting in a power...

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Update: Summer power outages: more than just inconvenience

(7/16/13) -

We all know how uncomfortable it can be when the power goes out during a severe heat wave, especially when it affects community libraries, supermarkets, hospitals and other public places.

A loss of power means a loss of air conditioning, which can cause discomfort and inconvenience, but other problems can be much worse.

Effects on people: Exposure to excessive heat can have life-threatening consequences for seniors, small children and people...

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Update: May brings even more animal-caused outages for frustrated power customers

(6/19/13) -

TransGard tracks reported animal-caused substation outages throughout the United States. Last month, we noticed a major uptick in reports, the highest levels we've seen in years.

Some examples of animal-caused outages that happened last month:

Squirrel-caused outages:

An estimated 3,142 homes in the Kettering/Dayton area in Ohio lost power after a squirrel crawled into equipment at a substation. 

A pesky squirrel knocked out power...

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Update: Simple Steps Can Help Prevent Avoidable Outages

(5/15/13) -

TransGard’s patented system repels climbing animals at more than 2,000 substations nationwide. These fences work well over a long period of time, but sometimes the environment around the system changes. Springtime – with its warmer weather, resurgence of plant life, and increased animal activity – provides the ideal opportunity for a visual check of any substations protected by a TransGard fence.

A five-minute walk around a substation perimeter can help identify...

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Update: The numbers are in for 2012 … and they’re not good

(3/20/13) -

TransGard’s staff reviewed the latest data from The Blackout Tracker, an annual compilation from Eaton Corp. The report offers some eye-opening figures on how outages (including animal-caused substation outages) drive up costs related to data storage, information technology and similar functions.

Regaining power is just the first step for these mission-critical areas; it may take hours longer to restore access to data and critical communications. Here are a few highlights...

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TransGard Systems Patented Panels Provide Solutions To Repel Snakes

(3/12/13) -

TransGard Systems, manufacturer of a patented fencing system that prevents animal incursions at electrical substations, is has developed a unique solution to the growing problem of costly service outages specifically caused by snakes.

According to The Journal of Wildlife Management, snakes enter electrical substations in search of the eggs and young of the birds that frequently nest in electrical substations.  Combine this with a shrinking natural habitat for snakes, and...

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Update: 2013 … The Year of the Squirrel?

(1/29/13) -

According to Chinese astrology, 2013 was supposed to be the year of the snake. Somebody should tell the squirrels. 

For substation operators in North America, this year has started like so many others: with outage after outage caused by squirrels. TransGard Systems has tracked a high number squirrel-caused outages in January, occurring in a startlingly diverse range of environments:

· On Jan. 7 in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, a squirrel “got...

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TransGard’s “Worst Animal Caused Outages” featured on Transmission and Distribution World

(1/22/13) -

TransGard Systems developed and distributed its annual list of “Worst Animal Caused Outages,” which appeared in a variety of trade media outlets, including the Transmission and Distribution World website.  

"Squirrels remain a prime culprit for outages at unprotected substations, but snakes, raccoons, domesticated cats and other climbing animals have also caused outages and significant equipment damage, leaving homes, businesses, schools, hospitals —even military bases — without...

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Year End Report: A look back, a look ahead

(12/31/12) -

It’s been a busy year for TransGard Systems. In late 2011, we announced the installation of the 2,000th TransGard substation fence, and our momentum continued through 2012. Here are a few highlights, and a look ahead:

· In February, we announced the release of our new Alert Strobe system, which provides a clear visual indication a fence is functioning properly and can be integrated into a substation’s SCADA system for 24/7...

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Update: How Utility Executives View the Problem of Substation Outages

(12/12/12) -

Last month, TransGard Systems participated in the T&D World Summit in Dallas — an event designed for key decision makers in the transmission and distribution industry to exchange ideas and solutions to industry challenges.

During the Summit, TransGard’s leadership team had the opportunity to hold one-one-one meetings with 30 executives representing power producers all across the United States – many of them already TransGard customers.

While those...

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TransGard featured in WFEC video

(10/17/12) -

"Snakes and other critters sneaking into substations have been the bane of Western Farmers Electric Cooperative crews for decades. Nothing seemed to work consistently over time, until substation supervisor, Billy Young, discovered TransGard at a conference." This WFEC video explains TransGard’s role in successfully addressing snake incursions at the coop’s substations.


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Update: Outages a major cost for utilities, businesses

(9/18/12) -

When a squirrel, raccoon or other animal causes a substation outage, news reports often use cute words like “pesky” or “sneaky” to characterize the intruder. But they rarely report the downright ugly part of the story: the hidden costs of an outage — and the difficulty in rebuilding a customer’s trust in the provider’s reliability.  Research from Gartner, a technology analysis firm, identifies the cost...

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Update: Transmission & Distribution World features RG&E’s success with TransGard

(9/17/12) -

Fifteen years ago, Rochester Gas & Electric in Rochester, NY was experiencing a serious problem with animal-caused service outages. Squirrels and raccoons would climb or burrow into electrical substations in search of food or shelter, damaging sensitive substation components in the process and causing power outages to RG&E’s more than 360,000 customers. 

Today, RG&E has virtually eliminated outages by installing TransGard fences. This success story caught...

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Update: Autumn squirrel outages… Bad for customers, bad for business

(9/11/12) -

As fall temperatures begin to cool the U.S., squirrels are seeking warmth — and that means substation outages are heating up:

“All he has to do is press his little wet nose against a live conductor…”    

According to officials at PPL Electric, 5,000 customers near Harrisburg, Pa., were without power during the morning of September 17. A squirrel got into a substation in Summerdale, causing &ldquo...

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Update: TransGard helps industry-leading NOVEC maintain its record for service and reliability

(8/22/12) -

Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) distributes electric service to more than 148,000 consumers in Northern Virginia, and has been nationally-ranked for reliability and service by J.D. Power and Associates.

NOVEC was faced with the problem of squirrel intrusion into some of its substations, resulting in costly outages and repairs. In 2001, to ensure uninterrupted service for its customers, NOVEC turned to TransGard. Since then, NOVEC has installed 13 fencing systems at its most at-risk...

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Update: TransGard featured in Utility Products article about increased animal activity

(8/22/12) -

The problem of animal-caused outages is serious enough, but as significant as the problem has been in the past several years, it seems to have been just a precursor to 2012. Based on some scientific research about hibernation – and the company’s own experience – TransGard officials projected that 2012 was going to be a tough year for animal-caused outages. 

So far in 2012, TransGard’s level of orders and inquiries...

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Update: Increased animal activity means more headaches for utilities

(7/17/12) -

The mild winter in the U.S. appears to have had the effect many in our industry feared: an increase in animal populations, animal activity and incursions by climbing animals to electrical substations. Anecdotal evidence from news reports indicates that, through June, animal incursions from multiple climbing species are on the rise in several parts of the country.

Two recent examples among dozens: In Huntsville, Alabama, 26,000 residents were left in the dark...

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Update: Will a mild winter lead to more substation outages?

(5/9/12) -

People might not be complaining about the lack of snow and freezing temperatures this past winter. But the mild winter may be the root cause of a major threat to electrical substations:  incursion by a larger population of climbing animals.

Scientists note that the unusually warm winter disrupts the natural hibernation and reproduction cycles of many animals, including snakes. Warm weather is spurring animals to leave their holes and burrows much...

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TransGard introduces Alert Strobe for animal deterrent substation fences

(3/16/12) - TransGard's Alert Strobe

New control panel provides added on-site safety, reliable remote monitoring

(New Freedom, Pa.) — TransGard Systems, manufacturer of fencing that prevents animal incursions at electrical substations, has developed an Alert Strobe for its patented system. The Alert Strobe provides a simple and effective means for technicians to determine that a TransGard fence is functioning properly. 

The Alert Strobe displays a steady green strobe light when the system is functioning...

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TransGard article featured in Utility Products

(1/24/12) -

In November of 2011, national trade publication Utility Products ran an article on the increasing problem of animal-caused outages at electrical substations. 

"From June through October of 2011, at least 15,000 residences and businesses across Ohio were rendered powerless by animal incursions into electrical substations. Substation outages knocked out traffic signals, forced emergency teams into action and resulted in significant, unplanned repair expenses for utilities.

These occurrences were...

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TransGard Systems installs 2,000th substation fence

(11/15/11) -

TransGard Systems, manufacturer of a patented fencing system that prevents animal incursions at electrical substations, reached a significant milestone earlier this month – the installation of its 2,000th animal deterrent system.

Already this year, TransGard has installed fences in New York, Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma and several other states – and many more utilities, cooperatives and other substation operators are making plans for future installations.

TransGard’s 2,000th installation highlights...

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Update: TransGard Systems helps prevent snake damage at WFEC substations

(7/31/11) -

Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC), a generation and transmission cooperative with more than 400 substations in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and Kansas, had been plagued for decades by repeated substation outages caused by the incursion of bull snakes. Some substations were experiencing multiple outages each week, resulting in $15-20,000 in lost revenue and repair costs with each outage.  

The solution:

Billy Young, WFEC substation supervisor, was introduced to TransGard Systems...

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Marmot-caused outage shuts down mining operation; causes massive fire damage in Steamboat Springs

(7/12/11) -

Officials reported an animal, possibly a marmot, climbed onto a transformer, causing a power outage that shut down mining operations and caused $500,000 in fire damages at Twentymile Coal Company on June 14. Fire crews had to wait for the electricity to be turned off to douse the flames.  Because the water pumps at the mine don’t work without power, the team had to use one of the mine's 10,000-gallon water wagons...

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Update: ESMO Recap

(6/30/11) -

Thanks to all who attended TransGard’s outdoor demonstration and dropped by the TransGard booth at the ESMO conference in May. The half-hour demo was the ideal timeframe to show how quick and simple a TransGard installation can be. During the course of our 30-minute sessions, TransGard staff was able to discuss the various components of the fencing set up, including control panel wiring, and entryway/panel connection.  We even disassembled a...

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Squirrel causes DC-area outage that snarls traffic, cuts power for thousands

(5/2/11) -

It’s becoming an all-too-familiar story: a squirrel incursion at an unprotected substation causes a dangerous outage. On February 17, a squirrel scampered onto a transformer at a substation and interrupted the flow of electricity, causing about 2,700 customers to lose power.

Several stop lights were affected in the heart of Vienna, leading to traffic problems. Police even asked drivers to avoid the area. No word on whether the utility deployed animal deterrent...

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Squirrel damages substation; resulting outage causes gas leak, false alarms

(5/2/11) -

An outage in Lancaster County, PA, caused major headaches for residents and emergency officials. Over 650 PPL customers were without power Saturday morning because, according to PPL officials, a squirrel climbed onto a substation. Investigators found a carcass at the site where the system failed. The outage resulted in a busy day for fire departments and police stations, who responded to various automatic fire and burglar alarms. Officials attributed the false alarms to the outage....

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TransGard to Demonstrate at ESMO 2011 in Providence, RI

(3/1/11) -

TransGard Systems will demonstrate its fencing during an outdoor how-to clinic at the ESMO conference in Providence, RI, on Tuesday, May 17, and Thursday, May 19. During the one-hour installation demonstration, TransGard President John Lynam and General Manager Bill Reichard will assemble several sections of TransGard fencing, install an entryway and connect the system’s master control.

Attendees will also learn the basics of removing modular panels, the advantages TransGard offers in deterring...

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TransGard Increases Production Capacity

(1/7/11) -

TransGard Systems announced plans to expand its manufacturing facility by 20,000 square feet. The enhanced production area was necessary to accommodate current and future demand, according to Bill Reichard, General Manager of TransGard.

“With TransGard’s growth trajectory over the past two years, we recognized that we needed to have the resources to increase our production capability,” Reichard said. “With our expanded facility, we’ll be able to...

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TransGard Announces Distribution Arrangement for Quebec, Canada

(1/3/11) -

Teqal Inc. to provide TransGard fencing to stop “animaux grimpeurs” (climbing animals)

TransGard Systems announced it had reached an agreement with Teqal Inc. to provide exclusive distribution of TransGard fencing to substations in Quebec province. Teqal, a distributor of utility equipment based in La Prairie, Quebec, immediately began representing TransGard’s clôture de protection électrifié in that French-speaking market.


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TransGard Installs 200th Fence for Ameren; Result: Zero Outages

(12/2/10) -

TransGard Systems announced today it had installed its 200th fence for Ameren, the largest electric utility in Missouri and the second largest in Illinois. The utility has now installed more TransGard fences than any other customer in the company’s history. Ameren has not experienced an animal-related outage at any substation, ever, with a working TransGard fence.

Ameren services approximately 2.4 million customers across two states and maintains 1,400 substations in Illinois. According...

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Planning for 2011:  “What causes more outages? The lightning, or the squirrels?”

(11/17/10) -

Lately, the squirrels appear to be winning. In fact, many TransGard customers have already begun developing animal substation deterrence plans for 2011. It makes sense, with reports of squirrel population growth in nearly every region of the U.S., and other animals – notably snakes, raccoons and, in Florida, Cuban tree frogs – posing a serious threat to substation reliability.

This article from USA Today offers some intriguing details for anyone responsible for...

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TransGard fence installed in Caracas, Venezuela

(9/15/10) -

PDVSA, Venezuela’s state-owned energy company, recently imported a TransGard fence to protect a substation in Caracas, the capital. Visiting officials from PDVSA observed a working TransGard system during a visit to the U.S., and decided to install the animal-deterrent system at one if its own substations.

“We’re pleased that PDVSA made a concerted effort to import fencing manufactured in a country more than 2,000 miles away,”...

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Raccoon causes Memphis outage, loss of power to children’s hospital

(7/1/10) -

Power was out for more than five hours in downtown Memphis after a raccoon touched and short-circuited a switch and caused a Memphis Light, Gas & Water substation to fail, officials said.

Affected areas, served by MLGW's substation 21, included the Regional Medical Center at Memphis and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. The outage also caused delays in production at The Commercial Appeal, the region’s largest daily newspaper. Click...

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