TransGard Systems Incorporated


Designed exclusively to protect substations

The patented TransGard System was designed exclusively to protect substations from outage caused by squirrels, raccoons, cats, snakes and other animals. TransGard fences deliver a mild electric shock that deters climbing animals but won’t harm them, or humans – a humane approach that, according to an IEEE survey, offers the most effective barrier against animal incursion.

The patented TransGard System offers unique design features that provide exceptional animal deterrence – and years of uninterrupted performance:

  • Freestanding design TransGard fencing installs on the ground, requiring no postholes, foundation or concrete. TransGard requires far less material, expense and time than a perimeter fence.
  • Easy installation A crew of three can complete a 300-foot TransGard enclosure in just four hours with basic tools – no special training, no heavy equipment, and no power interruption required during installation.
  • Modular fence panels The system’s basic building block, the 4’ x 10’ panel, creates a modular design – any section can be used as hinged gateway, providing quick maintenance access. Substations can easily reuse panels, reconfigure a fence, or add new panels to expand a system.
  • Engineered entryway The system offers substation access through a non-electrified entry system, designed with a smooth finish and tightclearances to prevent animal intruders.
  • Durable materials TransGard’s PVC and steel construction requires no scheduled maintenance – and offers the advantage of a 20-year track record of service in all weather conditions.
  • Galvanized steel bases Specially designed circular stand bases create a strong, level fencing system.
  • Snake protection TransGard’s optional snake prevention panels deter snakes as small as 1/4” in diameter.