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Power providers in every region of the United States protect their assets with TransGard. In substations large and small, rural and urban, in every climate, TransGard fences have earned a reputation for cost-effective deterrence of animal outages. Learn more about our customer experiences in these in-depth case studies.

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TransGard makes the leading animal-deterrent fencing for electrical substations. Watch this video for details on how it works—and why 3,000 North American substations choose TransGard.

At a Glance: Ease of installation

As we’ve noted above, one of the biggest assets of a TransGard fence is how quickly it can be installed. A team of just 2-3 people can place a fence around a substation in less than a day, without the need for specialized equipment, and without having to power down the substation.

To see just how easy this installation is, click on the short video:


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Request a Site Audit

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TransGard helps prevent snake damage

Case Study: WFEC

TransGard helps prevent snake damage Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC), a generation and transmission cooperative with more than 400 substations in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and Kansas, had been plagued for decades by repeated substation outages caused by the incursion of bull snakes. Some... read more

Reliability: “An investment well worth making”

Case Study: Duke Energy

Reliability: “An investment well worth making” Duke Energy supplies and delivers energy to approximately 4 million customers via 1,400 distribution stations across five states, making it one of the largest electric power companies in the nation. According to Jim Wilson, Reliability and Integrity Planning... read more

Savings in the “hundreds of thousands”

Case Study: Rochester Gas & Electric

Savings in the “hundreds of thousands” New York State’s Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) operates some 165 substations and provides electricity to 362,000 residents and businesses across six counties in upstate New York. In the early 1980s, RG&E began searching for ways to address a... read more

Customized design – total elimination of outages

Case Study: Mishawaka Utilities

Customized design – total elimination of outages Mishawaka Utilities electric distribution system is the second largest municipal utility in the state of Indiana, providing service to a population of 46,557. The utility operates 11 substations located at strategic points throughout the city of Mishawaka and... read more

Zero outages across 200+ substations

Case Study: Ameren

Zero outages across 200+ substations Ameren is the largest electric utility in Missouri and the second largest electric utility in Illinois, servicing approximately 2.4 million customers across both states. The company maintains 2,400 substations, 1,400 of which are in Illinois. According to Steve... read more