ATTENTION, ANIMALS: STAY OUT OF OUR SUBSTATIONS! COSERV STOPS SLITHERING ATTACKS WITH TRANSGARD SNAKE PANELS COSERV, a Texas company that provides infrastructure support to co-ops, recently posted an article and podcast about their experience using TransGard’s Premium Snake Fence to protect its substations. A few quotable quotes from the article:  One […]

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NEWS RELEASE: PARTNERS BRING LASERS TO THE FIGHT AGAINST BIRDS IN SUBSTATIONS ​ EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT ACCELERATES PROGRAM TO PROTECT UTILITIES, COOPERATIVES (YORK, Pa.) — TransGard, a leading provider of animal-deterrent equipment to substations, announced today it has reached an exclusive agreement with Bird Control Group to distribute the manufacturer’s AVIX […]

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T&D WORLD ARTICLE: Penn Power Installs TransGard Fencing to Prevent Outages

TransGard Entryway closeup

Penn Power installed new TransGard fencing in two Mercer County (Pa.) substations to help deter climbing animals and protect against electrical equipment interference that can cause power outages.  According to an October 2019 article in T&D World, the work is part of Penn Power’s 2016-2020 Long-Term Infrastructure Improvement Plan (LTIIP), approved by […]

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NEWS RELEASE: Powerlink to Represent TransGard in Five Key States

MOVE ENABLES CONTINUED GROWTH FOR ANIMAL-DETERRENT SUBSTATION PROTECTION (YORK, Pa.) — TransGard, which has installed proven animal-prevention fencing at more than 3,000 substations in North America, announced it has reached an agreement with PowerLink Electrical Sales, a leading manufacturers’ representative agency serving the electric power industry. Based in Westlake, Ohio, […]

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NEWS RELEASE: TransGard Introduces SnakeStop

EASY-TO-INSTALL BARRIER TACKLES PROBLEM OF SNAKE INCURSION AT SUBSTATIONS   (YORK, Pa) —  TransGard, manufacturer of the only substation fencing that deters climbing animals by delivering a mild electric shock, announced today the release of its new SnakeStop matting. SnakeStop is a ground-based, electrified boundary specifically engineered to prevent snake incursions […]

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NEW PRODUCT: Introducing the Wind Anchor

SECURING THE TRANSGARD FENCE IN HIGH WINDS   The latest option for our patented substation fencing:  the Wind Anchor assembly. The anchor secures fence panels in a variety of surfaces against winds with pullout force of up to 14,000 lbs. The Wind Anchor works with any new or existing TransGard fence. It’s easy to […]

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