NEWS: GHMR now offers TransGard fences in five southern states

“SIGNIFICANT POTENTIAL” FOR ANIMAL-DETERRENT SUBSTATION FENCING (YORK, Pa.) — TransGard announced today that GHMR Co. Inc. will represent its patented animal-prevention substation fencing in five southern states. To date, TransGard has installed the proven deterrent at 3,000+ substations in North America. GHMR Co. Inc., a professional sales organization specializing in […]

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UPDATE:  New Installation & Maintenance Manual now available

TransGard has completed our revised and expanded Installation Guide, which now includes guidance on system maintenance. The new manual presents a graphic overview of the components, installation, activation, operation and maintenance of the TransGard fence. See step-by-step instructions, photos of key points, reminders and more. To get your copy,  just […]

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NEWS: Raccoons — the fastest-growing threat to substations

Squirrels cause the most outages at substations, but lately raccoons have been working hard to catch up. In Knoxville, TN, last month, raccoon contact caused a huge flash, a shower of sparks, and then total darkness for 40,000 customers. [button link=”″ type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] SEE THE VIDEO HERE[/button]   It was […]

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TREND REPORT: Urban Animal Outages on the Rise

One of last year’s Top 5 animal-caused outages was an explosion in a city substation in New Mexico. Then, in January 2018, animals shut down power in Syracuse and Nashville, where thousands lost power — and even the city council was forced to adjourn. In fact, animal incursions have become increasingly […]

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NEWS: CBM to Represent TransGard in Four States

TransGard Step-Plate Entryway

MOVE SIGNALS CONTINUED GROWTH FOR ANIMAL-DETERRENT SUBSTATION FENCING (YORK, Pa.) — TransGard, which has installed proven animal-prevention fencing at more than 3,000 substations in North America, announced today it has reached an agreement with CBM Utility Group, a leading manufacturers’ representative serving the electric power industry. CBM will offer TransGard’s […]

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E-NEWS: TransGard’s Stealthy Advantages … Revealed

Transgard Installation

Four Hidden Advantages Every Substation Operator Should Know TransGard fences now protect more than 3,000 substations. Simply put, it works in the field. (Just ask our customers.) But TransGard also offers significant — and often overlooked — advantages over other deterrents: FAST INSTALLATION    If a substation experiences a series of animal […]

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NEWS: First Animal-Caused Outages of 2018 Reported

Electric fence barrier fencing for squirrels

Well, that didn’t take long. The first animal-caused power outage of the new year was reported on January 3, when a squirrel was blamed for shutting down the campus of San Jose State University. In the days that followed, climbing animals caused outages in substations as far apart as rural […]

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VIDEO: Earthquake? Nope … Raccoon.

New Mexico Transformer Explosion

In December, a raccoon climbed onto a transformer in a Rio Rancho, N.M., substation. The result: a “horrific” explosion that “felt like an earthquake” to a next-door neighbor. The blast shut down power to nearly 10,000, and charred expensive equipment. See the explosion, the reaction of bystanders and the ultimate […]

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