NEW DOWNLOAD: The TransGard Maintenance Guide

One huge advantage of TransGard: it’s engineered to last. TransGard fencing installs in hours, but protects a substation for years. Now, TransGard has created a Maintenance Guide that offers simple steps for keeping your substation protected. The guide offers the basics of routine annual maintenance, which can be performed in […]

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The Five Worst Substation Outages of 2015

Squirrels, raccoons, snakes … How do such small animals continue to cause such huge (and costly) outages at substations, year in and year out? For the most part, it’s a lack of prevention. TransGard Systems, which has installed patented fencing at more than 2,500 substations, continuously tracks outages caused by […]

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Update: Transgard Systems partners with Energy Reps to cover four states

TransGard Systems, which has installed proven animal-prevention fencing at more than 2,500 substations in North America, announced today it has reached agreement with Energy Reps, a professional sales organization based in Ft. Worth, Texas. Energy Reps will offer TransGard’s patented substation fencing to utilities, cooperatives and other energy producers in […]

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Claim denied: The high cost of substation outages

A single substation outage can result in equipment and labor costs that total hundreds of thousands of dollars – not to mention lost business for commercial customers and inconvenience for homeowners. A recent case underscores how significant those costs can be — and reveals a new twist that should have […]

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