E-NEWS: Raccoons on the rise

Here’s a headline you don’t want to see: “Raccoon causes thousands to lose power.”  But it happened just a few days ago in Florida — and it’s hardly an isolated incident. In the past month alone, raccoons have done serious damage to substations in IndianaMichiganGeorgia … and who knows where else. Why do raccoons present such a challenge? Three reasons:

  • They’re excellent climbers.
  • They possess an acute sense of touch and exceptional dexterity.
  • Their habitat includes most of North America.

The good news:  TransGard’s patented design neutralizes these challenges. TransGard’s mild shock turns a raccoon’s sensitive touch into a deterrent. Once they come into contact with a TransGard fence, these highly intelligent animals flee — and they don’t come back.

Learn more about how our design works against raccoons and other species, or click here to see the entire issue of this enews.

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